Peter Kent: Internet Trademarks Expert Witness

I’ve worked as an Internet Trademarks Expert Witness in numerous cases over the years.

My Internet experience goes back to 1993, when I wrote the best-selling Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet (I did a total of seven editions of that book over the next 7 or years). Back then, there were literally around 200 Web sites in the entire world, so I’ve watched the development and growth of the commercial Internet in its entirety.

I’ve been involved in a wide range of activities on the Internet, too: Search Engine Optimization (I wrote SEO for Dummies, seven editions starting in 2003), Pay Per Click advertising, banner advertising, social media, email newsletter publishing, Web development…

As for my work as an Internet Trademarks Expert Witness, I’ve worked on literally dozens of trademark cases that have some kind of Internet technology or digital marketing aspect, such as…

  • Pinterest, Inc. v. Pintrips
    The judge cited my testimony when invalidating Pinterest’s “PIN” trademark
  • International Metaphysical Ministry v. Wisdom of The Heart Church, d/b/a the University of Metaphysical Sciences
    Relates to the use of Plaintiff’s mark within Defendant’s Web pages, along with cybersquatting and local-search result hijacking
  • GDM v. Astral
    Two cosmetics companies using similar names; Pure Cosmetics and
  • RXD Media, LLC v. IP Application Development LLC & Apple
    I assisted Apple as an Internet Trademark Expert Witness challenging RXD’s iPad trademark
  • Opportune v. Oportun
  • Shared Studios v. Facebook
    Helped Facebook with pre-litigation work regarding the Portal trademark
  • Complainant YETI Coolers, before the U.S. International Trade Commission
    I helped as an expert witness against Alibaba for the sale of knock-off goods
  • Larsen Law Offices, LLC v. David M. Larson d/b/a Larson Law Office
  • Chaina Wholesale v. Wellmax International & Aurelia Protection
    A trademark case regarding Amazon page hijacking
  • Automotive Racing Products v. Matt Kay (trademark case regarding knock-off products on eBay)
  • Neutron Depot, LLC & DepoWeb, Inc. v. Bankrate (use of Plaintiff’s trademark in PPC advertising)
  • Northwest Motorsport, Inc. v. Sunset Chevrolet, Inc., Sunset Trucks (use of Plaintiff’s trademark in Craigslist advertising)
  • PVC Distributors, LLC (a trademark application)
  • The Universal Church v. The Universal Life Church/ULC Monastery
  • Select Comfort Corporation v. John Baxter & Dires, LLC d/b/a Touch Beds & Personal Comfort Beds
    Search-engine campaigns in which the Plaintiff’s mark was allegedly employed
  • American Cruise Lines, Inc. v. HMS American Queen Steamboat
  • Katherine Dines v. Toys “R” Us Delaware
  • DR Distributors, LLC v. 21 Smoking, Inc.
    The use of Plaintiff’s mark in Defendant’s Web pages and meta tags
  • Kurt Tompkins and Tompkins Research, Inc v. Brookstone
    Trademark use in PPC advertising
  • RIPL Corp. vs. Google
    I served as an Internet Trademarks Expert Witness for Google, defending against the RIPL trademark
  • Coaster Co. of America v. Xiamei
    Trademark case related to Amazon page hijacking
  • PlentyOfFish Media, Inc. v. PlentyMore
    Two online dating companies
  • Shaklee Corporation v. HarperCollins & Cynthia Sass
    Regarding the Cinch! trademark; related to levels of traffic to Defendant’s Web site
  • Quia Corporation v. Mattel
    Regarding the iXL trademark and the effect on Plaintiff’s Web site of Defendant’s use of same name
  • Consumer, Inc. v. One Technologies LP & Adaptive Marketing
    A trademark case related to PPC advertising
  • Bigfoot Ventures, LLC v. Compañia Mexicana de Aviacion
    Related to the VTP trademark and domain name
  • Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) v.
    As an Internet Trademark Expert Witness in this case I analyzed the use of GEICO trademark in Web site
  • HydraMedia Corporation v. Hydra Media Group
  • International Oddities Inc v. Brian Petruzzi
    The use on the Web of Plaintiff’s trademarks in Defendant’s Web site
  • Internet Specialties West, Inc. v. ISPWest

I am brought in to help as a Trademark Expert Witness in cases that have some kind of Internet technology or digital marketing aspect. Perhaps the trademark is being infringed by a party using Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click advertising in an infringing manner; or maybe two companies with significant online operations have similar names, and are concerned about confusion. Or maybe there’s an aspect of cybersquatting on a domain that uses a trademarked term.

I am the author of literally dozens of books about working and doing business online, such as the Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet (7 editions from 1993 – 2000), the Complete Idiot’s Guide to the World Wide Web (1995), Search Engine Optimization for Dummies (7 editions since 2003), Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies, and The Official Netscape JavaScript Book.

Over the last 15 years or so I have provided consulting services in the area of digital marketing to, Avvo, Zillow, Lonely Planet, Tower Records, Honey Baked Ham, and hundreds of other small- and medium-size companies.

If you’re looking for an Internet Trademark Expert Witness, let’s talk. Contact me here.