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Internet Expert Witness

Peter Kent is an ecommerce consultant with over 27 years experience working in Internet technology and online marketing, who also provides Internet Expert Witness Services to law firms involved in Internet technology/business litigation.

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What I do

I provide expert-witness and litigation-support services, including expert-witness reports, depositions, and court testimony, in a wide variety of lawsuits related to internet, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Kent first worked as an internet expert witness back in 1996, when he wrote a report on the use of sound in Web browsers for Microsoft, during a patent dispute. Since then he has served as an Internet Expert Witness in various practice areas–trademarks, copyright, unfair business practices, and more–related to various Internet technologies and processes: Web development, SEO, PPC, social media, and more.

Peter’s Litigation Experience

Internet Technology Patents


PPC Advertising


Unfair Business Practices


Online Defamation


Domain Squatting



My ecommerce and litigation clients include some of the biggest brands


A Lifetime with Technology

I have been working with computers since 1979, with software development teams since 1981, online since 1984, and on the Internet since 1993. I’ve written more books about technology than perhaps any other author, on this or any other planet, and have extensive experience in almost every area of online business, from building ecommerce sites to PPC advertising, from search-engine optimization to “community” and “social” marketing.

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Peter’s Resume and Experience

Ecommerce Consulting Services by Peter Kent

From firms selling equipment to the construction business, to firms selling “tactical” equipment to police forces; from web sites promoting psychiatric, counseling, and “channeling” services, to real estate agents and lawyers, I have been helping businesses, both large and small, to understand how to sell online.

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