Peter Kent: Amazon Marketplace Expert Witness

I’m a highly experienced expert witness in litigation related to Internet-technology and digital marketing.

I have worked as an expert witness on a number of cases related to Amazon, including working as an expert witness in cases related to Amazon Marketplace.

  • Coaster Co. of America v. Xiamei
    As an expert witness in this case I explained to the court how Amazon page hijacking works.
  • v. & Coaster Company of America
    A copyright case related to the use of allegedly copyrighted materials on Coaster’s furniture-product pages on Amazon.
  •, Inc. v. Discovery Communications, Inc.
    I was an expert witness in this case related to digital-book technology patents
  • Discovery Communications, Inc. v., Inc.
    Another patent case, this time related to ecommerce software.
  • Angela Bolger v. Herocell, Inc & Amazon
    The Plaintiff accused Amazon of being responsible for damage caused her by an exploding battery sold by a third-party through the Amazon Web site. Amazon’s position was that they are not a retailer but an advertiser. As an expert-witness in this case I provided an affidavit discussing Amazon’s position in the online retail industry.
  • IPR (Inter Partes Reexamination) of U.S. Pat. No.: 8,041,711
    This patent was being used to attack Amazon, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and others

I’m an ecommerce consultant, best-selling technology author, and trainer. I’ve also been providing expert witness testimony and litigation support to law firms since first hired by Microsoft in 1996 to work in a patent case related to the use of sound in browsers.

Over the years I’ve served as an expert witness on scores of cases, including cases related to Amazon: patents, trademarks, online defamation, contract disputes, copyright infringement, unfair business practices, trade secrets … all with some kind of element related to Internet technology or some form of digital marketing.

If you’re looking for an Internet Technology Expert Witness–perhaps an Amazon Marketplace Expert Witness–let’s talk. Contact me here.